Module Overview


BSP Standard Traffic Documents & Procedures


This introductory module is designed to teach the different Standard Traffic Documents (STD) and other accountable forms in use in the BSP system. The course will enable IATA Accredited Agents to use Ticketing Authority, explain the main Standard Traffic Documents available in the BSP system, issue refunds, understand Document Enquiries and accept credit card payments for commercial transactions.

The estimated time for completing the course is less than three hours. After completing the training module, users will write an online review test to earn a letter of completion from the IATA Training & Development Institute.


By completing this module you will be able to:

  • Use the Ticketing Authority function and apply for it
  • Perform the BSPlink transactions plus issue and query them
  • Query and Dispute Agency Debit Memos (ADMS) and Agency Credit Memos (ACMS)
  • Explain the uses of the Document Enquiry function
  • List the advantages of the IATA Travel Agent Service Fee (TASF) solution
  • Apply best practices and procedures in accepting Credit Card payment in the BSP


There are 6 lessons in this training module. Each lesson ends with a summary of Key Learning Points. Study Check questions are included in all but Lesson 6. The Module ends with a set of online review questions to assess your learning. Students who enroll, complete this online module and receive a review question score of 80% or higher will receive a BSP Standard Traffic Documents & Procedures module completion letter. The letter of attestation will only be printed in the name of the person who logs-in. There is a pass grade of 80% for Lesson 6 review questions. If you do not receive at least 80% you will have to purchase the Module again in order to retake the Module and exam.

Lesson 1

BSP Standard Traffic Documents (14 pages)

Lesson 2

BSP Refunds (23 pages)

Lesson 3

Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) and Agency Credit Memos (ACMs) (20 pages)

Lesson 4

BSPlink Document Enquiry and Travel Agent Service Fees (TASF) (14 pages)

Lesson 5

Credit Cards (17 pages)

Lesson 6

Module Summary and Review Questions (13 pages)


Each lesson contains key learning points. All lessons, except for lesson 6 contain a study check to reinforce the lesson outcomes. Lesson 6 ends with a review to test knowledge of lesson outcomes.